2000_UNESCO_REDEFINE_FAMILY.--UNESCO's, "World Core Curriculum"

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was established in 1945 to disseminate educational, cultural and scientific materials deemed essential for establishing toleration and peace. During the Reagan administration, the U.S. pulled out of UNESCO, charging the agency with rampant waste and fraud, and a hard-left pro-Soviet slant. Sharing many of these concerns, Great Britain also withdrew from UNESCO at about the same time.

Prior to his decision to rejoin UNESCO, President Bush reached out to social conservatives, and was warned that many groups were increasingly concerned with UNESCO's ongoing support of the UN's radical social agenda. UNESCO collaborates with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and its main Non Government Organization (NGO) partner, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). In line with these groups, UNESCO now advocates for reproductive health services for children. In UN parlance, reproductive health services includes abortion. For instance, one UNESCO document praises Thailand's provision of abortion-causing "emergency contraceptives" to children as an "innovative strategy."

UNESCO is also a proponent of the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, a document written by UNAIDS and the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights. The document calls on governments to ensure a right to safe and legal abortion, to legalize same-sex marriages, to legalize prostitution, and to provide graphic sexual and homosexual education to children. The document also seeks the establishment of "criminal penalties" for people engaged in speech construed to be a "vilification" of homosexuality.

In the name of AIDS-reduction, UNESCO has fully embraced reproductive and sex education. In concert with UNAIDS and UNFPA, UNESCO has created curricula that many social conservatives would believe undermine parental authority, show disdain for traditional cultures and religious worldviews, and introduce dishonesty into education. A great deal of UNESCO's other educational materials fall squarely in the camp of political correctness, endorsing liberal stances on such issues as gender and environmentalism.

In 1982, the UN (UNESCO) adopted Robert Muller's World Core Curriculum as a model for all nations to follow. Robert Muller, former United Nations Assistant Secretary General, wrote the "World Core Curriculum." Broadly speaking, the World Core Curriculum is a tetrahedron based on 4 primary components:

  • Our Planetary Home and Our Place in the Universe,
  • Our Place in Time,
  • The Family of Humanity, and
  • The Miracle of Individual Life.

Muller adopted ideas for his Curriculum from questionable philosophies espoused by the founders of the Theosophical society in pre-revolutionary Russia. The objective of Muller's Curriculum is to produce an egalitarian society, working cooperatively, in harmony, without competition or strife, and without individual thought or opinion.

More significantly, the Curriculum advocates taking away the student's early childhood and family influence--replace it with a "global family." He suggests that education of a child should start at birth and be oriented to the "macrocosm" and that early family influences somehow promote "an egocentric mind set" and will result in a negative or undesirable outcome. In other words, the influence of the traditional family must be abolished for the good of society. Our modern Outcome Based Education curriculums and the U.S. Goals 2000 closely resemble the guidelines of the World Core Curriculum.

Recognizing the fact that under "Treaty (or Convention) Law" America's participation in UNESCO brings with it the "treaty requirement" that America adopt and implement UNESCO's World Core Curriculum.

Recognizing the well documented and undeniable fact that such involvement in UNESCO spells instant death to American "academic" education upon which our great country was founded and which has made it the greatest country in the world, U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) has introduced in the U.S. Congress the following Concurrent Resolution. ... ETC.


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