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Emily Cragg BIO ... The New World Order is ABOUT NULLIFYING "consent of the governed" and "advise and consent."

BIO: Emily Cragg, investigator and author, was adopted out of the Royal bloodline into working classes during WWII. ... Genus: Human being; Race: mixed; Sex: Yes; Culture: Consenting or Withholding Consent. Aging: Hoping for an Eternity. History: Checkered. Experience: Suffering and Joy. Attainments: Healing and Progress. Acquisitions: Few. Memory: Dim and Dimmer. Goal: to know and understand what's really going on in our Galaxy. With Faith, Hope, an attachment to Truth itself, We'll get there.

. . . My current work is articulating for the public, the Luciferian hijacking of civil society by enforcement of ET-Treaties beginning with the Greada Treaty 1954, the TauIX 2006 and TPP now being renegotiated. Treaties enable and pander to human trafficking, slavery, abductions and abuse of the helpless.

Here's my list of books published

. . . So what I'm PUBLISHING my research at, book-by-book: Cosmology, Metaphysics, Exopolitics, my Father's history, Needle skills and Homeschooling Books for Bright kids unafraid of "drills for fun" involved in actually learning Arithmetic and Cursive Writing.

. . . In radio, I BROADCAST Saturdays at Peoples' Internet Radio in Dublin, Ireland, 1pm PDT and 9pm GMT. I do Guest Interviews, primarily in Europe, to confront the Globalist doctrine, that "the end justifies the means" in pursuit of political power.

Royal Pretender
Company Name :: British Crown Corporation
Dates Employed :: not yet
Employment Duration :: not yet
Location :: London, Windsor, Edinburgh, Balmoral, Sandringham, United Kingdom

Company Name :: Luciferian Gamesmanship
Dates Employed :: Oct 1991 – Present
Employment Duration :: 28 yrs 10 mos
Location :: Realm of Earth
While Illuminati >track< Laws of Attraction (and HUMOR) down here in the working classes, what I do is document the Law of Repulsion, Gaming Rules of Default, Defeat, Abrogation of Obligations and Adoption of Misery and Conflict. Somebody has to do this; it's like taking out the Garbage. It helps to maintain a sense of humor.

Chief Executive Officer, 1992-1993. Play Technologies, Inc.
Dates Employed :: Apr 1992 – Jun 1993
Employment Duration :: 1 yr 3 mos
Location :: Reston, Virginia and SFBay Area CA
Invented and designed a model for language database reducing hardward reqs by about 90% by lumping synonyms, antonyms and homonyms into PRIME-NUMBER functional values. The new search engine technology'a uses are language-to-language translation and computer conversation when engaged with a parser. I believe this design will pass the Turing Test, when its first application is complete. That application will be derived off two weeks' call center transcripts, a database created, coded and linked with a simple parser. This is an ongoing project since my failed start-up, Play Technologies, Inc., didn't get its VC funding because we didn't receive our transcripts in time to make the VC deadline. Who knows? Maybe we still will. I held a Provisional Patent at the time; but it's overwritten now.

Graduate Teaching Asst., Department of Communication
Company Name :: George Mason University
Dates Employed :: Sep 1987 – Jun 1993
Employment Duration :: 5 yrs 10 mos
Location :: Fairfax Virginia Main Campus
Taught Comm 100 and Comm 102, General Communication and Group Communication. The Group Class gave me an opportunity to teach the Interactive Management method of problem-solving developed by Dr. John N. Warfield, Emeritus, University of Virginia, to four classes per year over a five-year period, so I feel I mastered teaching that process to a completely naive group of varied individuals.

Company Name :: Cornucopia Natural Foods
Dates Employed :: Mar 1979 – Jun 1984
Employment Duration :: 5 yrs 4 mos
Location :: Reston, Virginia
I financed, built, stocked, managed and staffed a local neighborhood health food store. Before that :
Instructor, Ceta Program, Geo Washington Univ., WDC, ...........1978 - 1979
Machine Service Trainer, Xerox Corp., Leesburg VA, ............... 1976 - 1978
Technical Digital Imaging Rep, Xerox Corp., Oakland CA, .........1973 - 1978
Exec Secty to the President, 1st American Title Co., Oakland....1971 - 1973
Manuscript typist & editor, UC Berkeley, Dept Anthropology.......1963 - 1970.

Before that I worked as an adult in my parents' wholesale dry cleaning business from age 10.