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Where "space" is DARK and Stars and Planets appear as lights in the Firmament--


NOTE: Subjective Patriarchy doesn't need to be here present physically in order to control Predation, Specialness or Slavery under Corporate Laws of the Sea that transmit Policy into all human Commerce.

In the darkness of space where Planets, moons & moving bodies appear as LIGHTS [where we live and have our existence] physical matter appears as whitelight colors RED, GREEN & BLUE.

Physical and material reality operates by Causes and Effects in real time and location, as intentions, actions, results, effects and outcomes IN EGO SEPARATION.

Civil Justice is defined as outcomes of behavior, by Laws of Cause & Effects; and this definition requires behavior to be subject to scrutiny.


--Human physical Reality manifests as Effects arise in time and space, to be recognied, acknowledged, accepted or corrected as "appropriate.

--Experience is "real." It is fraught with danger, risks, conflicts, disputes and competition; with alternative meanings and interpretations; therefore, it is memorable.

--Physical Laws connote: OPPOSITES ATTRACT [NOT "likes"] in electrical and social theories. Harmony attracts predators, Suffering attracts Deficit. ZERO SUM prevails.

--Programming, entrainment and propaganda produce Beliefs & Doctrines, and Intentions at the Heart are derived from combined spirit-mind and physical-will energized beliefs. Actions are attributable and accountable to heart INTENTIONS.

--Intentional behavior creates outcomes measurable and justifiable as good, as neutral or as bad [harmful, negligent or deceitful or wasteful]. THUS, Good Law is critical to social Justice in order to disrupt predators and parasites.

--Communication is by Just TRUTH--THUS--Everyone is responsible to know what is true, how to verify what is true, how to evaluate evidence and move from specific actions up the leadership ladder from outcomes to policy and downward from policy to outcomes in real terms, in Truth.

--No problem, conflict or dispute can be solved or resolved unless stakeholders' experience with effects is unpacked and revealed. The act of suppressing a will's attempts to speak from effects is a crime of leading-to-Evil by disrupting Clarity.

--Commonsense reason requires that the process of rendering Justice must examine and include motives and intentions that initiated the acts and outcomes that prevail. In this way moral accountability is established.

--Bribed judges, twisted Judiciary [and resultant forfeit of Justice] is the first indicator that a System RESET is at hand.

--A life lived in integrity to Truth warrants more time in Eternity in Harmony with Truth. But life lived cohering with advantage, with undue influence, with overthrowing Truth becomes subject to the Oblivion, rank Stagnation and Hellish stuck-ness.



The expression "in the Light" refers to space in Lighty where bodies appear dark. Subjective [Heavenly] reality operates outside of time. Thoughts exist in ETERNAL EMPATHY. Annunaki & Nibiru subjective Dogma is prior to material and physical Principle because wisdom pre-programs Reality at the atomic level. Dark matter is lit in colors, cyan, magenta & yellow.

Nemesis is THE blacklight sun that enlivens dark matter Beings in this sector of the Galaxy. It must remain intact.

Civil Justice is defined in the Subjecctive as aligning with appropriate THOUGHTS, Beliefs, Policies, Procedures, Doctrines, Dogma, Methods--NOT WITH OUTCOMES IN TIME.

It is deemed UNnecessary to know Causes or Effects--only the Holy & Sacred abstractions and intentions INHERENT in matter.


--Creation is All One:L as above, so must the lower levels align in their points-of-view, doctrines and manifest love;

--Experience is mental. A heart receives no input from a physical will.

--As thoughtas go, "like attracts like," naturally, without Law. Therefore, every good thought attracts the Good; but every disruptive thought must be sublimated and forbidden access.

--Silence is golden; one must only speak when spoken to from above; bad reports are resented; gossip is forbidden.

--There is no personal truth that cannot manifest in Eternity. thus Reality is an Illuksion and the Soul is responsible for his/her OWN INNER HARMONY.

--Peace and Harmony according to the Astrological Model follow the patterns in the Galactic Precession of the Equinoxes and its 26K year period. There are no differences of opinion showing up, only the unified thoughts of all Souls in alignment.

--Communication is by Chain of Command. "Seek," "try," "promise," "vow," and all temporal arrangements have ZERO VALUE because every Good thought can manifest of its own energies.

--"Elites" define "the Good" and only They know what is "true" so that Sheeple can live on in Peace--unconcerned with governance top-down.

--"Wrong" [disharmonious] thoughts are nipped in the bud with social sanctions before they can manifest bad outcomes--which ARE crimes against manifest Harmony. Thus, thought controls are absolute.

--Under Emerald Covenant titles, peoples can be culled/sacrificed en mass as a form of eugenics or hierarchy command--if those people convey "wrong cultural beliefs," though innocent of physical crimes of harm or deceit.

This is 4th-5th Dimensional Thinking.




LET'S Correct History, ... Correct Cosmology, ... Restore Leadership, ... Enable Community Trust, ..AND.. Thrive Each Other